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Peshawari chappal

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Peshawari Chappal:

Khyber Pakhton Khwa is the most traditional province of Pakistani. Few cultural patters of KPK are practiced throughout Pakistan. However Peshawari Chappal is one such thing that is worn in many parts of Pakistani. Also it is even liked by foreigners.

What is Peshawari Chappal?

Peshawari Chappal is traditional footwear in Pakistan. As it was originated in Peshawar so it took its name from there. However, it is favorite footwear of men throughout Pakistan.

Peshawari Chappal is Only for Men?

No, although not very common Peshwari Chappal is worn by women as well. Women Peshawari Chappal is embellished with beautiful thread work. It has similar in cuts to men Chappal.

What Makes Peshawari Chappal Favourite?

  • You would be wondering why this footwear has become so popular. Well, the reason is simple. It not only looks smart but it is very comfortable at the same time.
  • Moreover, this Chappal can be worn on multiple occasions. Men wear it mostly with the shalwar kameez. However, it looks equally good with jeans and a T-shirt.
  • Made mostly with leather this Chappal is a blend of style and elegance. It is so comfortable that you can walk whole day in this Chappal. Usually, it is worn in summers but is even comfortable in winters.
  • Peshawari Chappal is usually made with hands. For occasions like a wedding, even Peshwari Chappals are available with fancy designs.

An otherwise simple black or brown Peshwari chapel is must part of collection of every man in Pakistan.

Kaptaan Chappal:

There is no long story behind this Kaptaan Chappal. But recently Cricketer turned Prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has made this Chappal a part of his daily footwear. Therefore his fans started calling Peshawari Chappal as Kaptaan Chappal.

Latest Trend in Peshawari Chappal:

The basic look of Chappal is same for centuries. However, everything is modified; we notice unique design in Peshawri Chappals as well. Sometimes suede is used to give it a modern look, or even tiger skin Chappal is also available. Different designing is done to give it a modern look. But most people prefer simple chapel in its original design.

Buy Peshawari Chappal Online in Pakistan:

As keeping in mind high demand of Peshawari chappal, is offering these comfy Chappals online. You will find a wide variety online on our website. We have it in different colors and designs. The price range of Peshawari chapel ranges from Rs 2000-Rs5000.

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