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Peshawari chappal


The best footwear you would love to wear in summer’s burning heat is the classic chappal. In summer’s hot days, it becomes very difficult to wear closed shoes as your feet burn and sweat with heat. In such a situation, open shoes are the best option for you.

Peshawari Chappal is a type of open shoes with open covering and attached the strap that offers much air to your feet. Its stylish design gives your clothing a fantastic improvement. You wear it with an air of ease and relaxed feeling. Nothing seems to be comfortable in foot wearing except Chappal when you are in the midst of heat and humidity. The breathing and comfort provided by the Chappal.


The classic footwear that is like all around the country is the Peshawari Chappal. Elegant in style, splendid in design and unique in its own, Peshawari Chappal is the most popular FOOTWEAR in the summer. It adds ease and elegance to your lifestyle. Thus, the right choice of the Chappal will show your outfit.

Peshawari Chappal is design in all styles in communication with all the latest designs and trends. It is well worth to know that each individual pair of Peshawari Chappals is usually made with hands by individual experts.

The Epitome Of Design And Style

Peshawari Chappal does not remain an unknown chappal now. It has set its place at the top of the Latest Fashion of foot-wearing. It has touched the HEIGHT OF POPULARITY since former-cricketer Imran Khan has started wearing it. You will be surprise that people search it with the name of PESHAWARI CHAPPAL IMRAN KHAN.

One unique feature of Peshawari Chappal is its STYLISH IN APPEARANCE. It’s is a unique combination of DESIGN AND STYLE. It has become a perfect summer outfit.

The moment you look at it, you become crazy of its design and appearance. You will feel that this unique footwear fascinate your heart directly. You would love to improve your image with this unique pair of summer footwear. It really looks attractive on your feet.


The flexible of this quality footwear has placed it in the most loving brands in all types of Chappals. Its popularity can be known from the fact people love to present it as a gift to others. Peshawari Chappal is available in a great variety of colour, style, design, strength with different soles at a very cheap price.

It is worth stating that Peshawari Cappal made of leather is the long run and durable footwear. You can polish it every time you wear it. It does not lose it lustre and grace.

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