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Ladies Khussa Shoes

What Are Ladies Khussa Shoes?

The moment we think of traditional footwear, Khussa drags our attention. Khussa shoes have been typical indigenous footwear since ages. Kings and princes of the past were used to adorn their heavy embroidered dresses with specially made khussa. In sub-continent, Khussa is the oldest fashion. To wear leather khussa laced up with special embroidered work of different designs and patterns suppose a great symbol of nobility and honor.

Khussa Shoes for Girls

Keeping in view the various trends, khussa shoes has been through many changes through time. Khussa has still maintained their popularity with their finest embroidery works and elegant designs. Traditional Embroidered Leather Khussa with unique designs is highly admired by young girls and boys in Pakistan. On every special occasion, like Eid, mehndi and other wedding functions, every girl and seems to be in want of special type of khussa for girls and khussa shoes for men to wear with the stylish attires. Their shopping remains incomplete without having one pair of khussa. Kids do not lag behind as they too show their preference and special liking for khussa on such occasions. Khussa shoes give an amazing look at special events.


In modern time, Khussa industry has passed through many changes. In Today’s world, unique styles Khussa shoes with a variety of designs and shapes embroidered with different colour patterns are in vogue. With its old mould, Khussa shoes are still the only demand on occasions like weddings, Eids and parties. Now, khussa shoes for girls and khussa shoes male come in various bright colours and elegant designs. You can match these traditional shoes with any outfit of the special occasion. Elegant in design, Open khussa shoes are the favourite footwear of many young girls who like to wear them with jeans and kurta. These types of khussa are now in trend in casual use. However, Khussa Shoes is the special choice of the bridegroom. With the traditional attire of Sherwani, the bride-groom only goes for the Khussa.

Where to Buy Khussa Shoes?

You can make your experience of buying both types of traditional footwear or fancy footwear online cool and worthwhile khussa comes in various designs and shade. Therefore they are always in high demands. With improved quality, Khussa has attracted a great number of people. It’s your turn to pick an elegant pair of Khussa.