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Kaptaan Chappal

Kaptaan Chappal a Trend

Fondness for the Kaptaan Chappal has increased manifold after former Pakistani Captain Imran Khan has started wearing it. Kaptaan Chappal is the type of Peshawari chappal. This hot favourite chappal is once again resonating among the chappal lovers.

Kaptaan Chappal a Favourite One

Traditional footwear is made in almost all cities of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Anyhow Charsadda, Peshawari and Kohati chappals are FAVOURITE ONE.

Popular Chappal

This special double-soled handmade chappal had been popular since long but it became a hot favourite when Imran Khan wore it on his wedding. The business of Kaptaan Chappal makers has seen a notable boost as there is a great demand for this traditional and stylish footwear all around.

It is not only popular in Pakistan but people from the Gulf States and other countries are also showing their fondness for the trendy Chappal.

Unique Creation

This special type of Peshawari Chappals is manufactured by hand with special technique and craft. Kaptaan Chappal makers claim that they import its leather, sole and its sheet sole from different countries. They claim to use the pure materials in the making of this special variety of purely hand-made Chappal.

Attractive Design of Chappals

Kaptaan Chappal has a very special and attractive design with a beautiful appearance. In addition, it is a unique creation of handcraft, therefore it is durable and comfortable. It takes one week to prepare one pair


You can wear Kaptaan Chappal not only with Shalwar Qameez but also with jeans. There are many varieties of traditional Chappals.

The new design and the new title of the Kaptaan Chappal have provided it with a marvelous boom. It has become difficult for the manufacturers of THIS footwear to meet the orders.

Decorate your Feet with Elegant Kaptaan Chappal

You can decorate your feet with this elegant traditional Chappal. This special footwear is special for you. You can wear them on both casual and special occasions. You can uplift your image with stylish Kaptan Chappal. You feel wonderful, the moment you wear it.

Kaptaan Chappal is the unique creation of style and design. Its POPULARITY has crossed the borders and it does not remain only popular in the local circles. It is perfect summer footwear that you must add to your wardrobe.

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